Windows Mobile (non-touch screen) client software installation and configuration

The file you download will be a .cab file. The .cab file is the installation program for the client software.

Download (non touchscreen) Client

Use ActiveSync to copy this .cab file onto your device. Once the file is on your device locate it using File Explorer and single click the file to install.

Please note that the client you download will be mostly pre-configured.
You will only need to enter your GooSync login details.
The information below is mainly for reference.


On your mobile device, from the 'Start' menu click 'GooSync'.
You will see the screen below:

GooSync Client Settings Screen

To alter the settings of this profile open the menu and select 'Settings' then 'Server'. The following screen will appear:

GooSync Client Settings Screen

The 'User Name' and 'Password' settings must be set to the same login details that you use for your account (these may not be the same as your Google Calendar account).

Adding Contacts Support

If you are using the GooSync Premium account you will need to activate Contacts on your GooSync client.

To do this you first need to ensure that you are using the latest release of the GooSync client. You can do this by using the Check for updates option inside your client.

Once you are using the latest release of the client you simply need to perform a sync with your GooSync Premium account. When this sync is complete you will see the Contacts options appear on the main page of your client.

Select the Contacts check box and sync again.

Download (non touchscreen) Client