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GooSync Tasks is only be available for users of the GooSync Premium account. In order to upgrade please use the upgrade account button on the home page once you are logged into the website.

Please find below details on how to use and synchronise the Tasks section of your GooSync account.
If you need to ask specific technical questions please submit these to our support forum.

Getting Started
Adding, Modifying and Deleting Tasks
Task Settings
Task Categories
Sync Settings
Restoring Device Tasks

Getting Started
To access your GooSync Tasks List click the My Tasks link on the menu bar of your GooSync account.

On your first visit to this page all you will see will be the Tasks menu bar. The items available on this menu are outlined below:

Tasks Menu

  • Add - Use this to create new tasks
  • Settings - Brings up the GooSync settings page (the settings used by Tasks will be outlined further down)
  • Tasks Help - Displays this help page
  • First Drop Down List - Allows you to filter the type of tasks that are visibile. The available options are:
    • All - Displays all available tasks
    • Incomplete - Displays tasks that are not yet complete (including overdue tasks and tasks without due dates)
    • Overdue - Displays only tasks that have exceeded their due date
    • Complete - Displays all completed tasks
  • Second Drop Down List - Allows you to select a date range to filter your tasks further. This option is only available when you are viewing Active and Complete tasks. The available date ranges are as follows:
    • All - Displays all Active/Complete tasks
    • Today - Displays all tasks due today, or all tasks that were completed today
    • 7 Days - Displays all tasks that are due within the next 7 days, or all tasks that were completed in the last 7 days
    • 30 Days - Displays all tasks that are due within the next 30 days, or all tasks that were completed in the last 30 days
  • Categories - Displays the Task Categories page, where you can add, edit and delete task categories (more details can be found further down)
  • Third Drop Down List - Allows you to filter your tasks by their category (this drop down list will not be shown if you have not created any task categories)

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Adding, Modifying and Deleting Tasks
To start creating tasks simply click the Add link. This will show you the following screen:

Add Task

To create a task simply fill in the required information and click the Save Changes button.

When marking a task as complete you will see a new field called Complete Date. This will default to the current date when completing a task using your GooSync account, but it is possible to edit this date if required.

Some devices will send a Complete Date during the sync. If provided by the device we will use this when updating your task in GooSync. If the device does not provide a Complete Date during the sync then we will update your completed task to use the current date.

When adding a reminder to your task you will see two new fields appear for the Reminder Date.

The first field will allow you to enter the date of the reminder (for tasks with a due date this value will default to that due date, otherwise it will default to tomorrow).

The second field allows you to specify the time for the reminder. This defaults to the value provided in the GooSync Settings page but can be changed if required. Please note that not all devices allow you to specify a reminder time for tasks (the device will use its own default time to remind you).

Once tasks have been added to your account you will see them in a list view on the main Tasks page of your GooSync account:

Tasks List

You can sort your tasks using the various column headers of the Tasks list. The columns that can be used to sort your tasks are Priority, Status, Subject, Due Date and Complete Date. Clicking the same column header will swap between ascending and descending order.

To edit a task you must click on its subject from the main tasks list. This will display your task where you can add, edit or remove data.

The Priority column will show icons depending on the priority of your tasks. High priority tasks are shown using High Priority, and low priority tasks are shown using Low Priority. There is no icon shown for normal priority tasks.

The next column is the Complete column. You can use the check boxes in this column to quickly change the status of your tasks between Complete and Incomplete.

When marking a task as complete you will see the current date appear in the Complete Date column. Changing a task to incomplete will remove this complete date.

If you have any overdue tasks these will appear in your tasks list with their subject and due date in red. This allows you to quickly identify overdue tasks when viewing all tasks.

The three columns in between the Complete Date and the Delete columns will show whether your tasks have a reminder (Task Reminder) and/or a note (Task Note) attached, as well as show whether any of your tasks are labelled as private (Private Task).

In order to delete a task you must click the trash can icon (Delete Task icon) shown next to each task on the My Tasks screen.

By clicking the trash can icon in header of your tasks list you can delete all tasks in the selected category.

For example: selecting the "All" category and clicking this trash can icon will delete all of your tasks.

Selecting the "Business" category and clicking that trash can icon will delete all tasks that are set to "Business", leaving all other tasks intact.

Hovering over the name of the task will show a tooltip for that task. Shown in this tooltip will be the Subject, Category, Start Date and Notes.

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Task Settings
You can alter the settings for your Tasks by clicking the Settings link on the My Tasks page.

These settings allow you to specify the default reminder time used by your tasks as well as the time format you wish to use (12 or 24 hour).

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Task Categories
Task categories can be created for your GooSync Tasks by clicking the Categories link on the My Tasks page. This will show you the Categories screen:

Task Categories

Categories can be added, edited and deleted from this screen.

If you delete a category that contains tasks those tasks will be moved into the Unfiled category.

All categories created here will be selectable from the main Tasks screen (so you can filter your tasks by category) and also from the Add and Edit Task screens.

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Sync Settings
You can alter the sync settings for your Tasks from the My Device page.

These sync settings allow you to specify which task categories you wish to synchronise to your device (see below):

Task Sync Settings

Selecting the "Sync all categories" option will automatically add all your existing categories to the sync list, and will also automatically add any new categories you create later to this sync list.

If you choose to manually select your categories any new ones you create will be marked as not synced by default.

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Restoring Device Tasks
If you need to restore your tasks on your device (after a hard reset for example) you must do the following to ensure your GooSync Tasks are correctly transferred to your device:

  1. Log into GooSync and go to the My Device page.
  2. Click the Change Device button.
  3. Select your device.
  4. If given the option copy your sync settings to the new device.
  5. Initiate the sync from your device.

This will ensure that GooSync correctly sends all of your tasks back down to your device.

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