Google Contacts Help

Google Contacts support is only available for users of the subscription service of GooSync. If you have not yet upgraded to the GooSync Premium account you can do so by using the upgrade account button on the home page once you are logged into your account.

Please find below details on how to synchronise contacts between your device and your Google account.
If you need to ask specific technical questions please submit these to our support forum.

GooSync also provides its own Contacts manager if you do not wish to synchronise your contacts with Google. For more information on this please check the GooSync Contacts Help page.

Due to the limitations listed on this page we advise you to backup your contacts before synchronising with Google Contacts:

  • For existing contacts in Google you can use the export feature to backup your contacts to a .csv file.
  • For existing device contacts we suggest that you backup them up using another contacts manager such as GooSync Contacts.

Authenticating with Google Contacts
Google Contacts Sync Limitations
Changing Contacts Synchronisation

Authenticating with Google Contacts
Before you can synchronise with Google Contacts you must first ensure your GooSync account is correctly authenticated with your Google account.

You can check this by first going to your Control Panel and making sure that your account is currently set to synchronise with Google Contacts. If not please click the Change button and select the Google Contacts option.


Once the Google Contacts option has been selected you will be able to authenticate with your Google account. Click the Change link next to the authentication message to proceed with the authentication process. Full details on the authentication process can be found on the Authentication Help page.

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Google Contacts Sync Limitations
Unfortunately there are some limitations present when synchronising with Google Contacts. Some are imposed by Google, some by GooSync, and some by certain devices.

Google Limitations
One major limitation of Google Contacts is that it will not allow multiple contacts to share the same email address.

If a contact already exists in Google, and a separate contact is sent by the device that uses the same email address, this contact will not be added into Google. This can result in the sync process failing to add several contacts into your Google account.

This problem can also appear if no contacts exist in Google. If the device sends multiple contacts during the sync process, and they all share the same email address, Google will only add the first contact it is provided. All other contacts that share the email address will be rejected.

There are also several contact fields that are not supported by Google that may appear on your device.

Some examples of these are the Birthday, Anniversary, URL, Prefix and Suffix fields.

These fields may appear on your device but are not supported by Google so will not be stored anywhere in your Google account.

Google Contacts only provides a single "Address" field (there are no individual fields for street, city etc). This means that the address information, when sent to the device, will only appear in the "Street" section of the devices contact.

The device contact information will be sent to Google as individual fields, and GooSync will merge this into a single address for use within Google. If this contact is then modified in Google the address will be changed on the device to only appear in the "Street" field.

Contact categories (or Groups in Google) are not supported in the sync process. All Google contacts will appear on the device without a category, or in an "Unfiled" category. All device contacts will be sent to Google without any Group information.

GooSync Limitations
Due to a restriction in the vCard specification GooSync is unable to synchronise the "type" associated with email addresses (Home, Work etc).

This means that all email addresses, regardless of whether they are set as Home or Work etc, will be synchronised to the device or Google without a type (these may show as "Other" on your device).

GooSync will also only synchronise one of each phone number type (Home, Work, Fax etc) between your device and Google.

The majority of devices support only a limited number of phone numbers (maximum of two home numbers for example). To prevent confusion over why certain numbers may not be synchronised to the device, or to Google, GooSync imposes a restriction of only allowing one of each phone type to be synchronised (one Home number, one Mobile number etc).

Only the first number of each type provided by Google or the device will be synchronised to the opposite platform. All other numbers of that type will be ignored by the sync process.

Device Limitations
Certain devices have their own limitations with regards to the synchronisation of contacts.

You may find that your device provides you with several contact fields, but the sync application on your device may not send this data during the sync process.

This also applies when sending contacts from Google. Certain contact fields may be sent to the device but the sync application may not accept them.

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Changing Contacts Synchronisation
This is done from your Control Panel.

On this page you will see a message informing you what contacts manager you are currently synchronising with (Google or GooSync). Next to this will be a Change button.

Clicking that Change button will give you the option of changing your contacts manager.

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